Meeting helps to clear the air

The Manly Daily

Saturday 18 May 2002

A FEW matters were cleared up as a result of yesterday's historic meeting between parking antagonists Pittwater Council and the Pedestrian Council of Australia.

First, PCA chairman Harold Scruby had gone over the top in his passionate pursuit of all things strictly legal. Second, Pittwater general manager Angus Gordon had erred far too much on the side of caution in his response to the PCA's campaign send out the rangers and book people.

Both these organisations claimed to be “the meat in the sandwich”. The PCA wasn't happy to be blamed for the parking blitz, and the council wasn't happy that it felt forced to adopt extreme measures.

In reality, the real victims are the many motorists issued with $63 fines. These are the Palm Beach and Avalon people who, without warning and after parking the same way for years, received tickets this month while parked in Beach Rd, Florida Rd, Waratah St and George St.
The PCA and Pittwater Council have now agreed to ease up on prosecution while they educate the public on parking codes.

That's just peachy. In the meantime, we call on the council to cancel the tickets of all those who were so unfairly booked.
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