Herald Sun - Saturday 29 March, 2008

Biker did 247km/h, but won't go to jail

By Emily Power

Fast mover:  Doggett

A MOTORCYCLIST clocked at a record speed of 247km/h on his way home from the Phillip Island MotoGP has been spared jail.

Mark Doggett was travelling at 66.6m a second when he was snapped by a speed camera on the Westall Rd extension at Dingley Village in 2006.

The speed was the highest recorded in Victoria with a fixed camera, prosecutor Robert Taylor told the court.

When asked by police if he thought the speed was excessive, Doggett replied, "ridiculously excessive, it's out of this world", Mr Taylor said.

Doggett, 31, of Oakleigh, pleaded guilty at Dandenong Magistrates' Court to one count of driving at a speed dangerous at 6.30pm on September 17, 2006.

Magistrate Raphael Barberio yesterday convicted and sentenced the plumber to three months' jail suspended for 12 months. He was fined $2500 and his licence was disqualified for two years.

The maximum term for the offence is two years.

Road safety campaigner Harold Scruby likened the penalty to being "thrashed with a feather".

Mr Scruby, chairman of the Pedestrian Council of Australia, urged magistrates to get tougher on speeding culprits.

"What do you have to do to get the maximum penalty? This is the maximum, you couldn't go faster.

"This man should be in jail for two years because that is what the Parliament intended," he said.

Defence lawyer Dennis Miralis said Doggett sped a short distance on his Aprilia racing bike with no other vehicles or pedestrians around.

He said Doggett was returning from the MotoGP and was not concentrating because he was anxious about his wife, who was six months pregnant.

"He accepts that he posed a danger to himself and other road users," Mr Miralis said.

Mr Barberio said the offence was extremely severe and the "extraordinary" speed must be condemned.

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