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Wednesday 20 February 2008 
Deadly Carparks

Recent Tragedy Proves Councils and Proprietors Must Create 10 kmh Shared Zones in ALL Carparks

PCA Calls on McDonald's to Set the Standard and Show Leadership andCorporate Responsibility

The Chairman of the PCA, Harold Scruby said  today :  "The recent tragedy in the McDonald's car-park at Sutton Forest, where a woman and her two sons were seriously injured by a motorist, highlights both the potential for harm and lack of any safety provisions in these zones.


"Most Council and private carparks and service stations have no speed limits, vehicle slowing devices or the requirement for motorists to give way to pedestrians.  It's utter anarchy.


“In these areas, many parents and carers can be seen struggling with shopping trolleys, prams, children and even pets, while motorists drive at potentially lethal speeds with few defined legal obligations.


“Large vehicles, including the ubiquitous 4WD, with limited rear vision, are reversed with gay abandon. 


Mr Scruby added: "In many Council carparks, the legal speed limit, unless signposted, is the prevailing limit on the adjacent road, often being as high as 50 kmh or 60 kmh.


“And most motorists seem blissfully unaware that they must stop and give way to all pedestrians on the footpath, when entering and exiting these areas.


“All carparks and service stations should be 10 kmh Shared Zones (where motorists must give way to pedestrians at all times) and include devices such as speed bumps, which are engineered to minimise speed. 

"We are calling on McDonald's to do the right thing and show real leadership and install Shared Zones in all their carparks throughout Australia.


“Apart from the safety aspects, the authorities and proprietors might one day realise that improving the pedestrian safety and amenity of these zones will actually improve business.”  Mr Scruby said.



Contact:  Harold Scruby – (0418) 110-011



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