Liverpool City Champion - Wednesday 2 May, 2007

Traffic to go slow in the CBD

LOWER speed limits in parts of the Liverpool CBD are expected to arrive in June.

A report that recommends a 40kmh ''high pedestrian activity area'' along the Liverpool ring road - bound by Bathurst Street, Campbell Street, Bigge Street, Memorial Avenue and Scott Street - will go before the Liverpool Council meeting next Monday.

The limit would be legally enforceable and would apply to roads signposted as 40kmh.

The council's general manager, Phil Tolhurst, said the changes would improve pedestrian safety.

''The new 40kmh speed limit will not only make the Liverpool city centre safer, it will also make the CBD a more pleasant environment for pedestrians and people enjoying our outdoor eating areas and open space,'' he said.

''Lower speed limits mean fewer pedestrian injuries and fatalities, so Liverpool Council supports the RTA's initiative to introduce a 40kmh speed limit in areas with high pedestrian activity.''

The council plans to improve safety on George Street by upgrading the pedestrian crossing between All Saints Primary School and Westfield and installing a new pedestrian crossing to link Liverpool Library to Spotlight.

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