Canterbury-Bankstown Express - Tuesday 13 February, 2007

No more city bullbars

WHY do city people need bullbars, asks Belmore lawyer Peter Shoua.

``Bullbars are only going to crush a child's head or damage someone else,'' Mr Shoua said.

An outspoken critic against four-wheel-drives in city areas, Mr Shoua said the American trend towards four-wheel-drives was a dangerous one, and increasingly finding its way onto Australian roads.

``It's fine with rounding up bulls but in congested city areas you can hardly move around,'' he said.

``They're quite inappropriate.''

He believes that special driving tests should be held for 4WD drivers.

``People should have special tests before they are allowed to control them,'' he said.

``It's not just speed that kills. It's these monstrous trucks with bullbars. They're inappropriate in city areas.

``They are just accidents waiting to happen.''

Pedestrian Council of Australia chairman Harold Scruby said that the government should introduce taxes for 4WDs to park in residential streets.

``It's an outrage that the federal government allows them to pay five per cent tariff while other smaller cars have to pay 10 per cent,'' he said.

``It's too late to take them off the road. We should create more barriers.''

He agrees with Mr Shoua's suggestion that tests and special licenses for 4WD drivers should be introduced.

He said the increase in pedestrian accidents was due to the drivers' rear vision being obstructed.

``The government should build little dirt roads next to the T-way lanes with cattle and sheep so they could feel more at home,'' he joked.

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