ABC NewsOnline - Thursday 4 January, 2007

NSW Govt denies motorists 'camera smart'

NSW Govt denies motorists 'camera smart'

The New South Wales Government has denied a reduction in the number of speeding fines issued just means people have become 'camera smart'.

Figures obtained by the Pedestrian Council of Australia show the number of people caught speeding in New South Wales has dropped by more than 200,000 since 2003.

The Pedestrian Council says that is because drivers know where the speed cameras are, and only slow down in those areas.

Deputy Premier John Watkins says he does not accept that theory.

"Fixed cameras in black spots is working," he said.

"It is slowing people down at the most dangerous point of our roads.

"Often those cameras have gone there because there's been a history of speeding and particularly fatalities.

"If we can slow people down at those points at the black spots, well that's good news."

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