ABC News Online - Friday 22 December, 2006

Not enough red light cameras working: figures

Not enough red light cameras working: figures

The New South Wales Government has been accused of not providing enough funding for new red light camera technology, with claims not enough of them are working.

Figures obtained by the Pedestrian Council show cameras across 66 sites are operating less than six months during the year, including at several renowned black spots.

The council's chairman, Harold Scruby, says the State Government is reluctant to upgrade to digital technology because it would mean a loss of police jobs.

"They believe they should still be allowing highly skilled, highly trained police officers to do menial tasks such as climbing ladders and retrieving wet film technology," he said.

"It's like box brownie technology, it's so old."

Greens MP Lee Rhiannon says there has not been any funding for red light technology for some time.

"It's very disappointing the Government hasn't been putting the resources in," she said.

"There is a plan in place to upgrade the cameras, but the Greens understand it is still a draft - it came in 2002 and hasn't been acted on."

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