ABC News Online - Friday 22 December, 2006

Police defend operation of red light cameras

Police defend operation of red light cameras

Police are denying the red light camera technology in New South Wales is out-of-date, saying the focus has always been on prevention rather than catching dangerous drivers.

The Pedestrian Council is calling for the cameras to be upgraded to digital technology, after obtaining figures which show many camera boxes are switched off for several months a year.

Traffic services commander Chief Superintendent John Hartley says the cameras are not supposed to be active all the time because a random camera system is a greater incentive for safe driving.

"We have 160 sites that operate red light cameras at any one time, around 40 or 45 cameras are operating at those sites," he said.

"It's about people being aware those cameras could be operating at any time at those sites and making sure people are doing the right thing, rather than catching them."

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