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Media Release

Sunday 22 October 2006

PCA Calls on NSW Government to Follow Victoria
and Make Minimum P-Plate Age 18 Years with
Passenger Restrictions after 11:00 PM


Following the deaths of 4 young people on the NSW Far North Coast this morning, in a car being driven by a 17 year old, the PCA has renewed its calls to have the minimum age for P-Platers fixed at 18 and the minimum age for a driver’s licence at 21 – the same as it is in Victoria.


The Chairman of the Pedestrian Council of Australia, Harold Scruby said:  "We are also renewing our calls for passenger restrictions after 11:00 PM (until dawn) which would ensure that P-Plate drivers (especially those on their red P-Plates in their first year) could only carry one passenger after that time.


“The evidence is overwhelming.  Young drivers, late at night, with a car full of friends, are a recipe for disaster, especially on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.


Victoria has had 18 as the minimum age for P-Plate drivers for over a decade.  They have the lowest Road Toll per capita in the nation.  After all, you can’t drink, vote, or go to war until you are 18, so why should you be allowed to be in control of a lethal weapon until you are legally an adult?  Additionally, motorists who kill or seriously injure others before they are 18 are tried as children and their names cannot be released.


“We call upon the NSW and all other state and territory governments to implement these initiatives immediately.  They will save countless young lives.”  Mr Scruby said.



Contact:  Harold Scruby (0418) 110-011