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Thursday 14 September 2006

It's Official- MAC-SA Report: Metal Bullbars Increase the Risk of Death or Injury to Pedestrians
The Motor Accident Commission of South Australia today released a report completed by the University of Adelaide's Centre for Automotive Safety Research on the performance of bull bars in pedestrian impact tests. The major finding of the report was that metal bull bars increased the risk of death or injury to pedestrians.
The Chairman of the Pedestrian Council of Australia, Harold Scruby said:  "At last, the MAC of SA has proven what we've all known - that metal bullbars increase the risk of death and injury to pedestrians.  We call on all state and territory governments to immediately enact legislation which at least bans the sale or use of any bullbar which does not meet the Australian Standard AS4876.1-2002.
"And as soon as possible, we call on all governments to follow the lead of the European Community which banned bullbars on all passenger vehicles from the beginning of this year.  Britain's Transport Commission estimated that this will prevent almost 140 deaths and more than 1500 injuries among British pedestrians and cyclists every year.
"Governments which choose to pander to the bullbar brigade and refuse to enact this legislation must be held responsible for the deaths and injuries which will follow.
"We call on all Ministers for Fair Trading and Consumer Affairs to immediately ban the sale of the 5-poster cult killer bullbars sold by companies such as Sickpuppy (see examples below).  If they can ban dummies which kill children, they can ban these outrageous and totally unnecessary lethal appendages."  Mr Scruby added: 
Contact:  Harold Scruby (0418) 110-011


Bluey's now offers a range of the new Sickpuppy brand 5 poster bullbars. These hand-crafted bars are solidly constructed from the finest materials, highly polished, and styled to turn heads in any crowd. Features include full mesh, spotlight mounts and aerial tabs. Models are currently available for AU Falcon, XD-XG Falcon, VU Commodore, VR-VS Commodore, HQ-WB Holden, 75 Series Landcruiser, Hilux and Rodeo, with new models being released progressively.

New Airbag Approved AU, AU-XR6, AU-XR8, VU SickPuppys NOW Available (Note Not BA or VY). Boxed Post VS Sickpuppy now available.

STOP PRESS  Number plate now available 5POSTA   07/06/05

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Sick Puppy
This vehicle, fitted with a Sickpuppy 5 Poster, was rolled down a table drain and into a tree (and written off!). Bluey's fitted new end plates to the 5 Poster, plus new mounts to the replacement vehicle, and re-fitted the bullbar - good as new. How's THAT for tough!

(PS - We can't guarantee that every Sickpuppy bullbar will perform the same way, because no two accidents are the same. However this accident does say something about the product!)

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