Media Release

Sydney CBD - A pedestrian nightmare

Monday 8 May 2000
PCA Calls on Minister Scully and Councillor Sartor to Immediately Address Serious Pedestrian Safety & Amenity Issues in Time for Olympics

The Chairman of the PCA, Mr Harold Scruby, today called on the Minister for Roads and Transport, the Hon Carl Scully and the Lord Mayor of Sydney, Councillor Frank Sartor, to immediately address and act upon serious safety and amenity issues in Sydney's CBD, which include:

* Street furniture placed in very dangerous locations obstructing pedestrian and motorist vision
* The inordinately high speed limit
* Bicycle couriers who openly flout the law
* Taxis stopping in pedestrian crossings and zones The virtual non-enforcement of dangerous stopping and parking by commercial vehicles etc.

A copy of Mr Scruby's article, entitled "Walk in Fright", explaining the PCA's concerns in detail, which appeared in today's Sydney Morning Herald, is attached.

Contact: Harold Scruby - Chairman/CEO PCA - (02) 9968-4555 or (0418) 110-011