The new Australia-wide road rules

The Manly Daily

Saturday 29 January 2000
Harold Scruby, the Chairman of the Pedestrian Council of Australia Limited, has written to me expressing concern about the number of motor cars he sees parked on footpaths. He has asked me to remind Manly motorists that this practice is illegal.

Under the new Australian Road Rules, motorists are not permitted to park on footpaths, nature strips, and the like. Rule 197 in particular states:

'Drivers must not stop or park on a nature strip, footpath, shared path, bicycle path or dividing strip in a built-up area unless otherwise sign-posted...'

The provision could not be stated more clearly than that. And to ensure that any lingering doubt is cleared up, the definition of a footpath is given as:

"…an area open to the public that is designated for, or has as one of its main uses, use by pedestrians ", and the definition of a nature strip is given as:

" area between a road (except a road related area) and adjacent land, but does not include a bicycle path, footpath or shared path."

All households in NSW have been recently sent a Roads and Traffic Authority brochure explaining the Australian Road Rules.

I recommend all motorists, cyclists and pedestrians have a good read of the brochure, which clearly and simply explains the rules for Giving way to buses, Giving way to emergency vehicles, and Giving way at roundabouts amongst others.

There still seems to be confusion in some minds about how these rules work, and it is good to have a brochure that explains them so clearly .

The brochure also gives some useful safe-cycling tips for the under-12s.

For information about the Australian Road Rules, or copies of the brochure, either visit your local Motor Registry or call 132 213 from anywhere in NSW.

Councillor Jean Hay AM
Mayor of Manly