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JOINT Media Release

Monday 26 June 2006
RACS (Road Trauma Advisory Committee) and PCA
Condemn Nestlé “Burnouts” and Call For Immediate Withdrawal of the Product


“An Appalling Act of Corporate Irresponsibility.”

The Chairman of the RACS Road Trauma Advisory Committee, Dr Rob  Atkinson, said:  “Nestlé has released an ice-cream product onto the Australian market called Nestlé-Peters “Burnouts”.  It is aimed at children under the age of 12.  We believe this is nothing short of an appalling act of corporate irresponsibility.  Children of this age are most impressionable.  Road safety advocates, Australia-wide, are doing their best to promote safe driving, especially amongst the young.  But this product delivers all the wrong messages.  A ‘burnout’ ranks amongst one of the most serious offences in the nation’s traffic laws.  In most states and territories, penalties for this offence include very high fines, demerit points and confiscation of the vehicle, even jail.  It is simply reckless driving.”


The Chairman of the PCA, Mr Harold Scruby added: “Only last week, NSW Police charged a P-Plate driver with doing a burnout, fined him $450 plus 4 Demerit Points and confiscated his vehicle for 3 months.  Traffic was virtually halted due to the excessive amount of smoke generated just as a result of the burnout.


“It took years to get the motor-vehicle industry to understand that depicting speeding and dangerous driving in advertising was irresponsible and that these advertisements were actually promoting and encouraging such behaviour on our roads, often subliminally.  This forced the Advertising Standards Board (ASB) to adopt a Code of Conduct which now forbids the broadcasting and publication of such advertisements throughout Australia.


“The ASB Code specifically prohibits (quote): ‘Driving practices or other actions which would, if they were to take place on a road or road-related area, breach any Commonwealth law or the law of any State or Territory in the relevant jurisdiction in which the advertisement is published or broadcast directly dealing with road safety or traffic regulation.’ “


Mr Scruby added: “If any motor-vehicle manufacturer were to include a Burnout in their TV or published advertising, it would be required to be withdrawn immediately.  Unfortunately, the Code does not yet cover packaging or point of sale material and we are therefore unable to make a formal complaint about this outrageously irresponsible promotion.  If they believe this product is acceptable, then what next: the ‘Nestlé Chokito Road-Rage Bar’ ”?


“Anyone doubting the dangers of burnouts should view a film clip at:


“We call upon Nestlé to act responsibly and withdraw the product immediately.”  Dr Atkinson and Mr Scruby said.

Contact:  Dr Rob Atkinson (0419) 772-474 or Harold Scruby  (0418) 110-011

Nestlé/Peters “Burnouts” wrapper

Nestlé/Peters “Burnouts” in-store point-of-sale promotion (Collect all 12 Trading Cards)