Sydney Morning Herald - Wednesday 5 April, 2006

Footpath felons

By James Chessell

You'd think Coke boss Terry Davis has enough on his hands. Now some citizens are threatening to have him locked up.


Unfortunately for Tezza, the leather-reinforced head of the Pedestrian Council of Australia, Harold Scruby, was strolling through Chifley Square a few weeks back and spotted a Coke truck driving along the footpath before stopping to unload its precious cargo.


According to Scruby, the truck was parked for quite some time, while two men in Coca-Cola uniforms unloaded the goods.


“I asked one of them if he knew it was illegal to drive along a footpath and to stop on a footpath," Scruby said in a letter to Amatil.


“He said he did. I said the fines must be expensive. He replied that: 'All the fines except demerits are paid by the company'.”


Scruby's outfit has received advice from the ubiquitous “leading QC” indicating that paying someone else's traffic fines is tantamount to an inducement to break the law and if someone was maimed or killed, directors could be held liable.

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