This ad won't wash, says the pedestrian's pal

The Sydney Morning Herald

13 July 1996
The Pedestrian Council of Australia is angry, and not only over safety issues relating to shanks's pony. Having recently been rebuffed by the Advertising Standards Council about the Volvo "We have lift off" TV commercial which promotes the wild side of the Swedish marque, it is now gunning for L & G.

The commercial under scrutiny depicts an elderly couple debating which one will take the Jaguar and which will take the station wagon. Then the same couple are seen on the road, in traffic, cleaning the windscreens of a Jag and wagon. Cute, but, says the Pedestrian Council, not sending the right messages to society, because it provides encouragement and endorsement of illegal behaviour to the young people most attracted to this activity.

Police and the Staysafe Committee have been railing against the dangerous practice for some time. We'll keep you posted.