Walkers want a brake on bikes

The Daily Telegraph

Tuesday 3 December 1996
The State Government should crack down on dangerous bicycle couriers, a protest group of pedestrians urged today. The Pedestrian Council of Australia claims that courier reforms recommended by the Government's Staysafe Committee in May have not been put in place.

"The community has had enough of certain bicycle couriers who behave like urban cowboys and seriously jeopardise pedestrian safety and upset the amenity of the city," PCA chairman Harold Scruby said.

"One pedestrian and one bicycle courier already have been killed due to their outrageous behaviour and lack of consideration. We want action and we want it now," he said. The group organised a protest meeting of pedestrians in Martin Place today.

The Staysafe report recommends bicycle couriers be registered and carry identification. They also would have points taken off their driver's licences for breaching traffic rules.

Staysafe also recommends that couriers pay a bond before they start work to discourage tourists from racking up fines and leaving the country without paying.

Chairman of Staysafe Paul Gibson said today he did not know when the reforms would be implemented. "I have tabled the report and it is now up to the government and the minister to look at the recommendations," Mr Gibson said.

He hoped the government would look to implement the recommendations at the first opportunity, he said. He was worried about the impact couriers could have on Christmas shopping crowds in the city.

"I'm just worried about what might happen in the Christmas period with so many extra shoppers around. Some of these blokes are like kamikaze pilots on bicycles-they are a total nuisance to drivers and pedestrians."