The Sydney Morning Herald

Saturday 19 April 1997
By Peter McKay

Commenting on our recent item about people ignoring Stop signs, John Mares suggests via e-mail that we should monitor, as he obviously has done, the intersection of Longueville Road and Alpha Road at Lane Cove (near a primary school) where in just over five minutes he counted 10 cars out of 11 failing to obey the Stop sign. "There is also a woman in a green Saab who hasn't signalled a left turn, or stopped at the Stop sign, in the two years I've been watching from a nearby bus stop. Maybe you should start a contest to find the least-obeyed Stop sign in Sydney." Jack Ray of Carlingford is as mad as hell about drivers failing to use indicators. "It's as simple as pressing a light switch but contributes greatly to safe, efficient and harmonious driving. Alas 10-15 per cent of drivers, professional and otherwise, neglect to perform... It manifests inconsiderate, thoughtless, sloppy driving. It is overdue for the police to blitz them." Tell us what you really think, Jack.