What part of STOP don't they understand?

The Sydney Morning Herald

Saturday 5 April 1997
By Peter McKay

What with police concentrating only on motoring misdemeanours that can be easily substantiated in court, a sad culture of indifference to some road regulations is spreading like a rumour at a hairdressing salon. Drivers ignore basic road rules such as indicating before changing lanes, keeping left... and obeying stop signs. "Stop" is interpreted in many wonderful ways. Mixed Grille and road safety zealot Harold Scruby monitored a Stop sign in Cremorne. In 20 minutes, 22 drivers/riders ignored the sign. Three others very nearly stopped. None brought their wheels to a halt. Some compounded the felony by crossing double lines and failing to indicate. Scruby, chairman of the Pedestrian Council of Australia, is pleased the State Government picked up on his double-points-over-Easter idea: Those who were caught will not be quite so thrilled.