Sydney Morning Herald - Monday 17 April, 2006

Red light, double trouble

By Sherrill Nixon
MOTORISTS who run red lights should get double demerit points during holidays such as this Easter weekend, doctors and the Pedestrian Council of Australia say.

Double demerits apply from midnight tonight to midnight on Monday for speeding, seatbelt and motorcycle helmet offences. The Pedestrian Council's chairman, Harold Scruby, said it was a frustrating anomaly that other offences did not attract the extra penalties.

"It is diminishing the value of all those other behaviours, particularly running red lights. Why is it so much safer to run a red light than speed at Easter?" Mr Scruby said.

The head of the Institute of Trauma and Injury Management, Danny Cass, supported the call, saying he believed red-light-running was causing an increasing number of accidents.

But the NRMA said the penalties should not be expanded.

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