Australian Design Rule (ADR) 42.9.1


The Australian Design Rule 42.9.1 (1988) states:


"No vehicle shall be equipped with any object or fitting, not technically essential, which protrudes from any part of the vehicle so that it is likely to increase the risk of bodily injury to any person."

So why are the "responsible" Authorities and Police, through a culture of apathy and ignorance,  permitting even one vehicle to be driven on our roads with fishing-rod holders attached?


These devices are no different from having four butcher’s knives attached to the front of a vehicle.  They will kill or very seriously injure a pedestrian at speeds as low as 10 kmh.


Saatchi and Saatchi - Anti Fishing-Rod Holder Press Advertisement.
WHO Magazine - 4 November 2002
To see what a bullbar mounted fishing rod holder can do, follow the instructions above.

In NSW, from 1 July 2005, the penalty for attaching a lethal fishing-rod holder to a vehicle became
$300 and 3 Demerit Points.
In Queensland, they would appear to be compulsory.

Queensland Transport, in openly inviting motorists to attach fishing-rod holders to vehicles is acting utterly irresponsibly and culpably.  This government agency is holding itself wide open to significant negligence and damages claims.  And it is nonsense to suggest that these devices will be any safer when there are fishing rods in the holders.  They will act as spears and only exacerbate the existing lethal problem.