ABC News Online - Friday 8 July, 2005

Costa urged to crack down on dodgy truckies

NSW Roads Minister Michael Costa has been urged to introduce demerit points for truck drivers who falsify log books, after holding a heavy vehicle summit in Newcastle yesterday.

The summit was attended by police, the mayors of several regional councils, as well as road transport industry representatives, the Roads and Traffic Authority and the NRMA.

But the chairman of the Pedestrian Council of Australia, Harold Scruby, says his organisation was not invited and he is worried his calls for demerit points for log book offences will be ignored.

Mr Scruby also has serious concerns about the potential for trucking companies to pay fines on behalf of drivers who flout the law.

"Well, it's an invitation to break the law, if you know that your boss is going to pay your fines, why wouldn't you break the law?" he said.

"We want this brought up at the summit, we want the summit to say, 'well, you've got to stop paying these penalties'."