Sunday Mail (SA

Sunday 29 September 2002
By Leisha Petrys

LEAVE the car at home this Friday, dust-off your sneakers and get active as part of national Walk to Work Day.

This is the fifth year the event has been held by the Pedestrian Council of Australia to raise the importance of healthy activity.

About 1400 lives a year could be saved if 10 per cent of adults walked more regularly to prevent the onset of heart disease and diabetes.

It also would save the national healthcare system $76 million each year.

The council hopes more people will pledge to become a Walking Class Hero and include a walk in their daily trip to work, rather than make the effort just once a year.

Official campaign spokesman Australian sprinter Matt Shirvington says it is important to encourage others to alter their lifestyle.

“Walking and catching public transport creates a win-win situation for everyone as we improve our fitness, the environment, road traffic and transport at the same time,” he said.

As well as the obvious health benefits - including weight control, improved circulation, lower blood pressure and overall well being - walkers on Friday can win $34,000 in prizes from Nokia and Telstra, including the very latest MMS phone, the Nokia 7650.

To enter send your name, address and mobile number in a text message to 0438 453 366 by midnight on Thursday.


How to take it in your stride

* GET off the bus or train early to extend the length of your walk.

* TAKE a scenic route such as Linear Park, Botanic Park, Victoria Park, Bonython Park or other park areas.

* WALK with other workmates, friends and family to keep each other motivated.

* VARY the walk to work each day to keep it interesting.

* WEAR comfortable shoes.

* CARRY a bottle of water.

* LISTEN to music to keep entertained.

* AVOID heavy traffic areas with poor paths.

* TO make your walk more strenuous, wear ankle weights.

* AT night, stick to well lit areas and take a mobile phone.