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Guide to printing the 2022 National Walk Safely to School Day School Kit

Below is a guide on how to download and print the posters, flyers and stickers for the 2022 campaign.

If you have any questions or require further information, please contact your state’s Walk Safely to School Day team member here.

How to print the 2022 posters and flyers

  1. Visit our Stickers, Posters & Information Kit for Teachers page and download the posters and flyers
  2. Print the desired quantity at your school, official printer or at your nearest Officeworks.

How to print the 2022 stickers

  1. Download and print your stickers (12 stickers per page) here
  2. Order a pack of 100 A4 sticker sheets* online from retailers such as Amazon or EBay to print the 2020 sticker template on.
  3. Here are some of our top picks for easy-to-order sticker sheets:
    1. 100 A4 White Glossy sticker sheets (Inkjet Laser)
      Price: $17.95 with FREE standard postage
    2. 100 A4 White Matte sticker sheets (Inkjet Laser)
      Price: $19.99 with FREE standard postage
    3. 100 A4 White Matte sticker sheets (Inkjet Laser)
      Price: $22.25 + postage

      *Our 2022 sticker template is suitable for any A4 adhesive sticker sheet.
  4. Once your A4 sticker sheets arrive, you can print the downloaded sticker sheet with ease on your school or home printer by placing the adhesive paper into your printer. Alternatively, you can print at your nearest Officeworks.

    We recommend printing a test page first to not only ensure your printer gives you the quality you want but also to determine key details like which way the paper needs to be placed in the printer.

    Once you have printed your sticker sheets, leave them to dry for 5-10 minutes prior to cutting or guillotining along the doted lines.

    The stickers can then be easily cut out and shared with your students! This could even a great project for students!

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