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2021 PRESS ADS - Nation Wide

(Filler Ads - Community Service)

Please contact us with your requirements and we will promptly supply ads to your specification.
If you require quick-cut, please ensure you provide all details for the booking.

Dylan Hamilton-Foster
Email - dylan@enetsys.com.au
Phone – 0404064171

53mm(h) x 262mm(w) CMYK

92mm(h) x 129mm(w) CMYK

92mm(h) x 260mm(w) CMYK

92mm(h) x 262mm(w) CMYK

118mm(h) x 180mm(w) CMYK

235mm(h) x 180mm(w) CMYK

53mm(h) x 262mm(w) BW

92mm(h) x 129mm(w) BW

92mm(h) x 260mm(w) BW

92mm(h) x 262mm(w) BW

118mm(h) x 180mm(w) BW

235mm(h) x 180mm(w) BW

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