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3AW Melbourne - Tuesday 3 May 2005

Caring for Kids with Nerida Conway
Regular Segment: Caring For Kids segment with Nerida Conway.
Conway discusses Walking Safely To School Day. Conway notes the amount of children that are killed or injured on the roads. She lists the reasons for injuries to children on the roads. Sigley suggests pedestrian bridges near school areas, and Conway says that the day will draw attention to these issues. Conway gives tips on keeping children safe as pedestrians, as suggested by the RTA (Road Transport Association). Conway recalls a traffic song by Hector the Cat. Sigley raps
3AW (Melbourne)
Afternoon - 03/05/2005 - 02:17 PM
Ernie Sigley
Producer Ms Mina Kanis 03 9243 2084

Male 16+ 28000
Female 16+ 33300
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