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2GB Sydney - Monday 2 May, 2005

Kids Biz with Antonia Kidman

Regular Segment: Kids Biz with Antonia Kidman: Smith begins by talking about the Bali nine and says he has noticed a dysfunctional relationship between the parents and the accused. Kidman says there are distinct methods of parenting youth, and that parents who are unkind or uncaring can contribute to anti-social behaviour in their kids. She says firm and unkind parents are another type of parent, who produce children with a submissive and fearful nature. She then says indulgent parents, which are 'common' these days, do not allow children to develop 'frustration tolerance' levels. She then says kind and firm parents are the best model to follow. Smith then raises the issue of men only anti-natal classes. Kidman says this is being brought in at The Royal Hospital for Women in Randwick so that men can voice their concerns and not feel over-shadowed. Smith then talks about obesity in Aust and how 50% of children who live in close proximity to their school are driven by their parents. Kidman then says 'Walk To School' day will take place this Friday, and advocates people take up the challenge. Kidman then promotes the annual Mothers Day appeal, taking place for The Royal Hospital for Women in Randwick. She says pins are available to buy at Franklins, Dymocks, Babies Galore, Blooms the Chemist, and the Post Office.

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