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New App encourages kids to Walk Safely to School 

On the eve of term two starting, Walk Safely to School Day has been announced.
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Scheduled for Friday, 24 May 2013, the announcement comes with the launch of an exciting new interactive App which will encourage more children to walk everyday.

Walk Safely to School Day Ambassadors, Liza Emanuele and Lisa McAskill said the App was a great way to build excitement and connect with kids in the lead up to the day.

"My son Hugh loves the App. It is a great way to monitor how far you are walking and as a consequence means you make more mindful decisions about travel and therefore walking more,” TV presenter and trainer Lisa McAskill said.

The free App has not only been developed to help build awareness of the Walk Safely to School day campaign, but to help meet one of the national objectives of the day whereby every Australian child is exercising at least 60 minutes a day, in a bid to combat the alarming rise in childhood obesity and other health related issues.

To assist meeting this target, the App has been designed with fun and interactive features to encourage regular walking not only in the lead up to the day, but beyond, such as; being able to track kilometres travelled to and from school, time spent walking and the average walking speed in a bid to make walking to school more fun and enjoyable for everyone involved.

Other ambassadors are also joining the ranks to encourage walking as part of everyday life, such as the Lord Mayor of Adelaide, Stephen Yarwood who will walk his son to school on May 24.

Walk Safely to School Day is a national community initiative. 
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Now in its 14th year, it aims to raise awareness of the health and environmental benefits that walking can have for the long term health of our children. 

All schools are encouraged to participate in the day and promote the App. 

To find out how, visit the website
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