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Walk to School 2012

Since 2006, VicHealth has been proud to fund Walk to School Day - and we've been inspired by the enthusiastic way that schools, teachers, students and families have been involved.

We want to encourage children and their parents to start walking to and from school on the first day of term four, and keep it up for each of the 18 school days in October.

Why Walk to School?

Children who actively commute to and from school have higher levels of physical activity and improved cardiovascular fitness compared with children who do not. However walking to and from school, a general indicator of levels of active travel, has declined dramatically over the years (Source: Streets Ahead 2008-2011 Program evaluation report, VicHealth).

VicHealth has worked with various organisations to increase children's participation in physical activity through developing walk to school programs and funding Victoria Walks.

Participating in Walk to School month 2012 is a great opportunity to build and encourage this healthy and cost-effective activity.
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