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Active kids are healthy kids

Encourage your kids to get out in the fresh air on Friday 18 May for Walk Safely to School Day

For most parents, the rush to get to school is stressful and hectic. Walk Safely to School Day is the perfect opportunity to start a healthier, happier and more relaxed morning routine.
By simply getting up half an hour earlier and walking all or part of the way to school with your child, you not only start the day with healthier exercise (so you and your child will feel great!) but also you start the day with some quality time with your child. Plus, it teaches your child the value of a healthy lifestyle and helps set them up for a day packed full of learning.
If you can’t walk all the way to school, walk with your child to the next bus stop away from your home. Or if you must drive, park the car a fair few blocks away and walk the rest of the journey.
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