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School joins in walk day

HARVEY Primary School students will take to the streets this Friday in celebration of National Walk Safely to School Day.

The school has been part of the popular event for several years and associate principal Teresa Brand said it was a whole school effort that involved staff and parents.

"Our students look forward to the day every year," Mrs Brand said.

"It is fun and it puts meaning to the virtue of unity because we are doing it all together.

"Bus students will be dropped off at Snells Park on Friday so they can experience walking to school through town supervised and assisted by staff members and student councillors." Mrs Brand said health education played an important role at school and walking to school was part of a range of activities that promoted a healthy lifestyle through exercise.

She said a number of students used bicycles or scooters to ride to

school and the school provided a space where they could be stored safely to support the physical activity.

The national event encourages regular walking with all its benefits and su~ests to park the car a good distance away from the school if the use of a car is inevitable and walk the rest of the way.

Caption Text:
Simon and Sophie Marino look forward to National Walk Safely to School Day with Harvey Primary School associate principal Teresa Brand.
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