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Take the school trip by foot

NATIONAL Walk Safely to School Day encourages parents and carers to walk with children to school this Friday.

Pedestrian Council of Australia chairman Harold Scruby hopes that children will be encouraged to get involved.

"The Walk Safely to School Day event promotes regular walking, public transport, reduced car dependency, cleaner air, improved diets and road safety," he said.

The event will celebrate its thirteenth year of encouraging healthier primary school students. Every year more children, parents, teachers and carers participate." Mr Scruby said it was important for people to get involved in the day.

"Surveys reveal that more than 60 per cent of primary school aged children were being driven to school. Many of these children are getting very little exercise. If the current trends continue, over one in three children will be overweight or obese by 2020."

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Year four students Lucy Brandon and Matthew Yozzi will jump into National Walk Safely to School Day this Friday. Picture: Andrew Ritchie d379027
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