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Students go bananas over walk to school

THESE West Wodonga Primary School students will be pounding the pavement on Friday as part of national Walk Safely to School Day.

As if getting some early morning exercise didn’t excite them enough, banana smoothies will be waiting for them at school to ensure they get a good breakfast, with bananas donated by Arnolds and milk from Goulburn Valley.

"I normally get driven but walking Is good because you get more exercise and you get a banana smoothie," Liv Higgins, 8, said.

Ben Warhurst, 11, and his sister Lucy, 6, also get driven to school but on Friday their mum will drop them off a block before so they can take part in the national event.

"I’d rather walk, except it’s pretty far, it would be awesome if we could though," Ben said.

It would take Ben and Lucy about an hour to walk from home to school but Ben hoped that after Friday their mum might drop them off a block early every day so they could get some exercise before school.

Student well-being officer Gemma Coburn said the national event was a great opportunity to encourage children to be active and eat healthy, as several students didn’t eat breakfast.

"We want to encourage our kids to have a healthy lifestyle and stay active," she said.

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Caption Text:
West Wodonga Primary School’s Lucy Warhurst, 6, Ben Warhurst, 11, Liv Higgins, 8, and student well-being officer Gemma Coburn, are looking forward to banana smoothies after they walk to school on Friday. Picture: TARA ASHWORTH
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