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Kids hit the footpath

WITH child obesity on the rise, National Walk Safely to School Day is the perfect excuse to embrace a healthier lifestyle this Friday Celebrating its thirteenth year this year, the day has become a popular annual event on school and family diaries across Australia to walk to school.

National Walk Safely to School Day offers wide-ranging benefits to Australian children.

The day promotes regular walking, reduced car-dependency, cleaner air, improved diets, public transport and reinforces vital road-crossing skills children need.

Schools across the South West are getting involved, including Adam Road Primary School who are also hosting a healthy breakfast morning, a cross country event and a family picnic lunch.

Adam Road acting deputy principle Sharon Lewis said over 50 children will he involved in the day. "We love our children to be walking around and enjoying the environment," Mrs Lewis said. "We want them to be fit and active and it is really nice for their parents to come along with them." For the first time this year parents, carers and pupils can go online to find and plan their best walking route to school at To get involved is as easy as walking to school with a parent or carer.

If you can’t walk all the way, try to use public transport or if you must use the car, leave it a good distance from the school and walk the rest of the way.

This will allow parents and carers to get their daily dose of exercise as well. They can also teach their children how to cross roads with safety.

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Joseph lsaacs, Matilda Allen, Bailee Stalteri and Mikisa Knuckey are excited to take part in walk to school day this Friday.
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