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Steps to keeping kids safe Walking the focus of awareness campaign
THIS Friday is National Walk Safely to School Day.

Now in its 13th year, the event is again promoting the important message that active kids are healthy kids, and encourages parents and primary school-aged children right around Australia to participate.

Parents, carers and children are encouraged to build regular walking to and from school into their daily routine.

At the same time, National Walk Safely to School Day encourages parents to drive less and walk more, aiming to decrease dangerous vehicle congestion around schools as well as reduce carbon emissions from idling cars.

Goulburn Muiwaree Council’s Road Safety officer Janelle Read said there were a number of ways to participate in National Walk Safely to School Day.

"Getting the kids off to school can be very hectic, but by getting up just half an hour earlier and walking your child all or part of the way to school are important steps towards a healthier childhood and a better morning routine," Ms Read said "Children should have a minimum of 60 minutes physical exercise per day, so by walking to and/or from school is a great start to establishing healthy life long habits.

"If you can’t walk the entire way, you can walk to the next bus stop away from your home with your child or park the car a few blocks from the school and walk the rest of the journey.

"This day is a fantastic opportunity to enjoy the colours of the autumn leaves and spend quality time together as you walk your child to school, as well as a great opportunity to teach your child about the importance of road safety.

"If you do walk your child to school, please remember to hold their hand the whole way, and only cross the road at the school crossings where possible." More information about school road safety is available from Ms Read on 4823 4510.

Caption Text:
SAFETY FIRST: Sean Boich, a kindergarten student at Bradfordville Primary school, holds his mum Eliza’s hand as he walks safely to school
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