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Robbie Patterson DENISTONE East Public School children are being encouraged to walk to school as part of the City of Ryde Go Active 2 School project.

Deputy principal Dianne Barnes said the school was endorsing Walk Safely to School Day as a way to educate children in the benefits of "regular walking, reduced car-dependency, cleaner air, improved diets; public transport and reinforces vital road-crossing skills children need.

"The school launched the Go Active 2 School initiative last week and will be promoting an active lifestyle through the Walk Safely to School Day on Friday." The program aims to reduce traffic congestion around the school and encourage students to become more physically active by walking to school.

WHATTHEYGET / Each student receives a Go Active 2 School kit which contains: Transport Access Guides (TAG), which are maps of safe walking routes Local transport information, including free Top Ryder community bus; pedestrian and traffic light crossings; libraries and shopping centres; Reflective wrist and bag tags to increase visibility; Go Active 2 School water bottles: and.

WHAT IS IT? Information on healthy living and being sun smart Go Active 2 School was developed by the City of Ryde in partnership with the school community, the police, as well as health and educational bodies, to encourage more students to walk safely to school on a regular basis.

Caption Text:
Students at Den istone East with their Go Active 2 School kits distributed by the City of Ryde.
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