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Do yourself a favour and take a walk or ride your bike to school

By MONIQUE PA1TERSON CHILDREN are encouraged to put their best foot forward and walk to school this Priday, May 18.

Primary schools in Warrnambool are participating in Walk Safely to School Da~ which aims to encourage children to walk to school and raise awareness about the importance of teaching youngsters key safety messages.

"It’s important for parents to teach their children the stop, look, listen, think message," Warrnambool City Council travel smart officer Nicole Wood said.

She said there were varied benefits to be gained from walking or riding a bike to school, including improved fitness, improved mental health (because of the endorphins released when exercising), and the opportunity for children to catch up with friends.

Warrnambool Police leading constable Trudy Morland said children who regularly walked or rode their bikes to school developed a greater sense of awareness of their surrounds and road safety.

Ms Wood said Warrnambool youngsters were leading the way for healthy lifestyles, with the city recording a higher number of pupils regularly choosing to walk or ride to school than the state average.

She has been involved with the council’s Healthy Moves program for a number of years and said she was delighted with the response by Warrnambool’s schools.

National Walk Safely to School day is held annually.

The Walk Safely to School Daywebsitc includes some further benefits of walking for children, including increased metabolism, improved muscle strength and flexibi1it~ improved concentration and memory and increased energy levels. For more informationvisitwww. all

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From left, Rhiannon Mulready, 6, Rhys Sumner, 7, Veni Ong, 7, Kayne Fink, 7, travel smart officer Nicole Wood and youth resource officers Trudy Morland and John Keats put their best feet forward. 120510VH20 Picture: VICKY HUGHSC
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