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National Walk Safely to School Day

Celebrating its thirteenth year in 20 2, National \Cilk Safely to School Day has become a popular annual event on school and family diaries across Australia to walk to school. National Walk Safely to School Day offers wide-ranging benefits to Australian children. The day promotes regular walking. reduced car-dependency, cleaner air, improved diets, public transport and rcinfoR es ital toadcrossing skills children need.

For the first rime in 21)12.

parents. carers ,utd pupils can go online to hnd and plan their best s~alLing route to school at

an Stir v~vs ft~\ cal that over hOoo of primarY ~eltool .tgcd children are being dris en to school. Many of these children are getting very little exercise. If the current trends Contititie. over I in 3 hildren will he overweight or obese by 2020.

We must heat childhood ohesit\. We therctorc urge all parents. careers and children to put their feet first and actively participate in National Walk Safely to School Day and then to walk as much as possible, because walking is the best exercise for most people.

WHAT: National Walk Safely to School Day WHEN: Friday 18 May 2012 WHERE: Australia wide H ()W: ~Milk to school with a pa rent or carer. If von cant walk all the wav try to use public transport. It s-ott must use the car, leave it a good dtsran~c from the school and s~alL the rest ot the was. lb is will allow parents and carets to t~cr their daily dose of exercise as wcll. I hey can also reach rheir children how to cross roads with sa~etv.

And by parking motor vehicles away from schools, dangerous traffic jams, illegal parking and the ~~oisotious partieulares emitted by idling vehiL les, which can cause serious respirators disorders, can all be avoided.

WHY: Because it’s a great event and everyone benefits.

And surveys prove that most children would prefer to walk rather than he driven.
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