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Swapping cars for legs and a walk to school

CHILDREN, parents and teachers are encouraged to swap car power tbr leg po~~ er next week with National Walk Safely to School Day.

The annual event, which is celebrating its 3th year in 2012, encourages all school children to walk to school instead of taking other forms of transport.

This year’s event is on May IS and for the first time students can go on line and plan the route thc~ w ill take.

Walk to School Day promotes regular walking, reduced car-dependency. cleaner air and impro~ed diets.

The aim is for children and adults to see how easy it is to walk to school and try to keep walking on a regular basis.

It also helps reinforce road-skills and crossing skills to students.

Children are encouraged to walk to school with a parent or carer and some schools organise for students to meet in a certain area so they can all walk together as a group.

People who need to take a ear are advised to leave it a good distance from the school and walk the rest of the way.

Parents and carers are encouraged to take part in the walk as well to get their daily dose of exercise and to teach their children how to cross the roads safely.

People can find out more infOrmation about the event by visiting
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