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10 out of 10 for walking to school

Even the walk to school can have lessons for primary school youngsters.

Finding out the best route to take, how to cross roads safely, the benefits of exercise and the hazards of traffic jams are just a few. Students at Floreat Park and Dalkeith primary schools were this week limbering up for the. 13th annual National Walk to School Day on Friday next week.

Surveys show more than 60% of primary children are driven to school, according to the organisers.

Parents and pupils can find the best routes from their homes to school on the website.

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Gearing up for National Walk to School Day are, top, Charlotte Thompson, Abbie Neaves and Ethan Robson at Dalkeith primary and Floreat Park students Daniel George, Matteo Murphy, Ben Clayton, Charlotte and Sophie ElweIl and Sally Hicks. Photo: Paul McGovern
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