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Students taking the walk of life

STUDENTS will be relying on two feet and a heartbeat to get to school on Friday as they help their health and the environment.

Schools, including St Brigid’s Primary School in Ballan, will have students taking part in National Walk Safely to School Day.

Parents and carers are encouraged to walk to school with their children, or if it is too far then use public transport or park their car a distance from the school and walk with their children the rest of the way.

The national event, in its 13th year, aims to promote regular walking, reduce car-dependency, cleaner air, improved diets, public transport and road-crossing skills.

This year parents and carers can find and plan their best walking route to school by visiting

Caption Text:
St Brigid’s Primary School students in Ballan are taking part in National Walk Safely to School Day on May 18. Nellie leads the walk ahead of Presley, Brooklyn, Mathew, Jamie and Hannah. Picture: MITCH BEAR N46MT105
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