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Laura Suckling SYDNEY Swans coach, John Longmire walks his three children to school almost every day.

Longmire is an ambassador for Walk Safely to School Day and will be walking with his wife and three children, Thomas 9, Sahara, 7 and Billy, 5 to school on Friday.

"As a parent who walks my kids to school I know the importance and benefits that can come from the exercise encouraging physical activity, teaching road safety skills and getting the oppor-WALKTO SCHOOL / WHAT: National Walk Safely to School Day WHEN: Friday, May18 DETAILS: tunity to spend more time with my children," he said.

The event reduces dependency on cars and public transport and reinforces road-crossing skills.

"Walking to and from school can lead to a kick of the footy in the park, a game of cricket or anything that gets children moving," the AEL coach said.

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Sydney Swans coach John Longmire walks his children to school.
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