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Walking safely to

THE 13th Annual National Walk Safely to School Day, being held on Friday is a great opportunity for parents, carers and children to build regular exercise into their daily routines.

The day is about encouraging active and healthy children and supporting healthy lifestyle choices at all ages and stages.

"GannawarraShireCouncil is actively involved in a range of initiatives to support healthy lifestyles, and in promoting and enhancing positive community health and wellbeing outcomes," shire director of community services. Jason Russell said.

"While we know that not all local families have the choice to leave their cars at home and walk, ride, skate or even scoot to school, it would be fantastic if local schools could get involved in any way possible." Options include: Assisting children to travel either all or part way to school other than by motor vehicle; Organising a healthy activity to coincide with the day; and Promoting the benefits of incorporating additional physical activity into daily routines.

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