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Walk Safely to School Day

THE District Council of the Copper Coast’s OPAL team is encouraging local families to "Think feet first. Step, cycle, scoot to school" on Friday, May 18, as part of National Walk Safely to School Day.

"OPAth key focus this year is promoting active travel walking, cycling or scooting to school and to other destinations in the community~’ OPAL program manager Georgina Weissmann said.

"Benefits of walking to school include a safer community due to fewer cars on the road, cleaner air, an opportunity to learn about road safety, and improved physical activity levels.

"Children aged 5-12 years need at least 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous activity every day and recent surveys show many South Australian children aren’t active enough.

"When asked, most children say they would prefer to walk to school than be driven. By walking to school with your children, you will have the chance to catch up with them whilst improving your health~" St Mary MacKillop School in Wallaroo, which has participated in Walk Safely to School Day for the past four years, encourages other Copper Coast schools and families to Think Feet First and take part in this year’s event.

The school also puts on a healthy breakfast for students to enjoy when they arrive at school, and arranges for buses to stop a little further away from the school and have a staff member meet students and walk with them the rest of the way.

To find out more about OPAL and the "Think feet first. Step, cycle, scoot to school" theme, visit

St Mary Mackillop School, Wallaroo, students tell why they like travelling actively to school: I "We walk to school together as it is a time to chat before school and it is better than going in the car." -Mother and daughter, Lynlee and Catherine I "I like to walk because it’s healthy." -Connor I "I like to scoot because it’s quick to get to school." -Braidyn I "We walk to school after Mum drops us off. She tells us we have to stick together." -Devonte and Latisha I "I like riding my bike because it’s quicker than walking." -Jesse I "I ride my scooter to the bus stop in Kadina because it is fun and healthy. I also like looking at the environment on my way to the bus stop. I then catch the bus to school". -Sophie

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