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North Shore Times

Wednesday 4 April 2001
SCHOOL kids across the North Shore will be holding hands and looking both ways while crossing the road this Friday for Walk Safely to School Day.

More than 400 primary schools from all over the state will take part in the event, organised by the NSW Pedestrian Council.

Pedestrian Council Chair Harold Scruby said the main objective of the day was to encourage parents and carers to walk their children to school.
“We need to inform parents and carers about the importance of developing their child's vital road-crossing skills at an early age,” Mr Scruby said.
“On Walk Safely to School Day schoolchildren, with the encouragement of their parents, carers and teachers will learn to stop, look, listen and think every time they cross the road.”

Walk Safely to School Day is sponsored by the Motor Accidents Authority NSW, NSW Health, Active Australia and the Roads and Traffic Authority.

All students taking part will receive a temporary tattoo.

Parents at Willoughby Public School have taken the day very seriously, forming “walking bus companies” and competing for prizes.

The school's Parents and Citizens Association has divided the area into “bus companies”. Each “Walking Bus” - one or more children walking to school with one or more adults - will gain points for the different companies.
Each walker will attract points, plus teams will gain extra points for public figures, teachers, Willoughby Councillors or local celebrities.
Parents and Citizens official Ken Wilson said donations could make extra points a bit easier to come by.
Prizes will be awarded for total scores, with and without bonus points.

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