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Port Lincoln Times - Monday 4 May, 2009

Start the day with a walk

Start the day with a walk

4/05/2009 11:30:00 PM
DRIVERS should watch out on May 15 because there will be children covering the footpaths to commemorate Walk to School Safely Day.

Three schools on Eyre Peninsula - Kirton Point Primary School, Tumby Bay Area School and Kimba Area School - are among the 40 schools in the State taking part, where parents or carers are asked to walk to school with their children, either all or part of the way.

The aim is to develop Active Kids and Healthy Kids by encouraging all children to exercise regularly, including at least 30 minutes of walking in their daily routine.

Lincoln South resident Krystyna Driver walks her daughter Cierra McKerrow to Kirton Point Primary School about three times every week to keep fit.

Pedestrian Council of Australia event organiser Harold Scruby said research had shown if parents continue to support children's inactive lifestyle instead of teaching them to get outside and exercise regularly, then by 2025, half of all young Australians would be overweight or obese.

"Bad habits last a lifetime," he said.

We know that young people who were overweight and obese as children are likely to be overweight as adults."

The event also aims to reduce hazardous traffic congestion and vehicle pollution around schools.

"We understand walking the entire way to school can be difficult or impractical for some parents and carers.

"So if you have to drive, don't forget you can simply park the car a good distance away from the school and walk the rest of the way."

For more details visit www.walk.com.au

WALK TO SCHOOL: Krystyna Driver and her daughter Cierra McKerrow, 5 years, walk to Kirton Point Primary School about three days a week every week from Lincoln South.
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