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One way to get fit for life

The Daily Telegraph

Thursday 5 April 2001

Bardwell Park students stepping out.
The Daily Telegraph – Thursday 5 April 2001

One way to get fit for life

WALK Safely to School Day is more than just a chance to teach children road safety skills.

It’s also a way to teach good health and fitness practices which will last them a lifetime, according to Harold Scruby of the Pedestrian Council of Australia.

"It’s important to realise Australia is becoming an obese nation and the habits we’re sending to children, that going to school in a car is common, is a very bad habit," Mr Scruby said.

More than 500 schools will take part in Walk Safely to School tomorrow.

The day is sponsored by NSW Health, Active Australia, the Motor Accidents Authority, and the RTA.

Philip Vita, manager of physical activity at NSW Health, said the day would help to increase community awareness about the importance of walking as exercise.

"Walking is one of the most important things young people can do," he said.

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Daily Telegraph - 5 April 2001- Editorial - Practical exercise in common sense
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