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500 in Walk to School Day

The Daily Telegraph

Wednesday 4 April 2001

500 in Walk to School Day
THE DAILY TELEGRAPH – Wednesday 4 April 2001—7

500 in Walk to School Day

MORE than 500 schools have now registered for tomorrow’s Walk Safely to School Day, up from just four hundred on Monday.

Harold Scruby, of the Pedestrian Council of Australia, said the response, following articles in The Daily Telegraph, had been fantastic.

"It’s gone berserk," he said.

Walk Safely to School Day is designed to teach parents of primary schoolchildren to hold the hands of children under 10 as they cross roads.

The day is sponsored by the Motor Accidents Authority, the RTA, NSW Health and Active Australia.

"The program will save a life."

Schools can register over the Internet at www.walk.com.au.
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