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The Motor Accidents Authority sends safety message

The Motor Accidents Authority (MAA) is pleased to be a principal sponsor of Walk Safely to School Day 2002 (WSTSD).

The MAA wants all children in NSW to be safe on our roads and uses this event to send an important message to all children under 10 and their parents or carers – always hold an adults hand when you are crossing the road.

The focus is on adults becoming role models of safe behaviour and discussing this with their primary school aged children. The support of adults who care for children under 10 years is central to the success of WSTSD as a safety awareness event.

The involvement of a parent or carer in teaching and reinforcing road safety messages will help more children to be safe on our roads and lead to the child maintaining these practices throughout their life.

The MAA’s involvement is also supported by Compulsory Third Party (CTP) claims data which reveals that children aged between 4-10 years:-

  • represent 2.9% of claimants
  • average 420 claims each year
  • account for 6.4% of pedestrian claims.

And sadly almost 25 % of all child claimants are injured as pedestrians.

Lets work together to make our roads safer for our children!
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