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www.abc.net.au - Saturday 14 May, 2005

Why did the school kid cross the road?


Reporter: Ben Collins

Presenter: Vanessa Mills

You'd stop traffic too if you had an outfit like this. Caroline Bainbridge has been stopping traffic for three years to allow school children to cross the road safely.

Because it was 'Walk Safely to School Day' and it's good for our kids.

If the convoys of four-wheel-drives queuing outside Kimberley schools are anything to go by, walking to school may be a thing of the past.

But the Pedestrian Council of Australia says that walking to and from school can be safe, healthy, and a fun part of the day.

‘Walk Safely to School Day’ is a national event run by the Pedestrian Council and supported by the Federal Government to promote ‘Safer and Healthier Kids’.

And at the zebra crossing on Port Drive in Broome, traffic warden Caroline Bainbridge has been helping kids walk safely to school for three years.

All the kids say 'Good afternoon Miss Caroline' as they cross the road, and some have even given their guardian angel birthday presents over the years.

Sargent Simon Rimmer from Broome police encourages kids to walk to school as a means to prevent childhood obesity which is at record levels.

Simon counts the first day he walked to school by himself when he was just ten years old amongst his fondest memories.

The Home School Liaison Officer from Broome's St Mary's Primary School, James Dann, says about three quarters of the children walk to school.

James used to walk to the same school when he was a kid. But back then the roads weren't sealed and he would stop to eat bush fruits like boab nuts and magabalas.

Walk Safely to School Day; Seargent Rimmer, Warden Bainbridge, and Officer Dann

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