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 -----Original Message-----
From: Simon Simon [
Sent: Sunday, 13 November 2005 1:11 PM
To: walking@walk.com.au

Subject: RE: 4WD Magazine

Hi Harold,

I hand't really thougt about the twin wheel carrier. The story about this 4WD is very long (as in lots of pages) and goes over 2 different magazine.

In the second magazine, the person Pat sent out to drive his 4x4 (one of his

staff) states that the LandCruiser dose not drive very well at all (the steering and handling) and recomends it be lowereed and rectified. At least one person in there has some sense, but I fear he would not have any say in what happens to Pats car. My recommendation would also be to lower it a little to be legal.

There is also a thread on the 4WD Monthly forum where people talk about illegal 4x4's on the front cover. From memory I think Pat makes a statement to "piss off" type of thing. Harold, please don't take that for gospel as it's been some time since I read it and I'd have to check. Pat is a very arrogent person and figures he can do what he wants because of his position.

Unfortunately he influences many people in to what they do to their 4x4's regardless of legailty.

Let me know how it go's


-----Original Message-----
From: Simon Simon [
Sent: Saturday, 12 November 2005 11:27 AM
To: walking@walk.com.au

Subject: RE: 4WD Magazine

Hi Harold,

attaches is 2 pictures of the 4x4 I have been telling you about. 1 photo is the front cover where Pat gave his 4x4 to a staff memeber to take out for photos and story in outback nsw. The other scan is of where the engineer says the 4x4 is too high but Pat still drives it like this. the magazine date is june 2005.

Let me know how you go and if you need any more information.



-----Original Message-----
From: Simon Simon [mailto:nsw4wder@hotmail.com]
Sent: Monday, 10 October 2005 11:21 PM
To: walking@walk.com.au

Subject: 4WD Magazine

Hi Harold,

I would like to bring to your attention the apparent shunning of the road laws by a 4WD magazine editor.

The editor of 4WD Monthly Magazine (Pat Callinan) seems to think that because of his position he can do as he pleases with regards to the montrouse 4WD he owns and drives on public roads.

Recently he wrote a few articles on a 100 Series Land Cruiser that he purchased and had equiped with aftermarket accessories. The finished product is one that stands almost half a foot higher on its suspension and has tyres much larger than intended.

He also conceded that his 4WD had failed an engineers report as it was too high, but continues to drive it to this day. That is unless his wife is given it to drive the kids around.

Now I must add that I am in favour of some of your ideas, but not all. Some people do have reason to drive 4WDs in the bush and city and it is impossible to have 2 cars to drive in different areas. I do drive a 4WD and use it as my private and work transport, so while I am in favour of safety to all people I don't agree with your blanket statements of banning all 4WD's.

I work in the 4WD industry and have spoken to Pat about the legality of his car, which he admits is also over the legal load limit with all its accessories. But he did not mention this in his storys, preferring to hide the fact.

To make it worse he also provides his 4WD to staff members to drive for work! Surley he is risking a lot by providing illegal cars to staff. He will hapily tell you his Land Cruiser is legally engineered BUT it is not. I personally know the engineer who inspected his car and he stated that it would be legal if it were lowered and had reduced tyre sizes - which Pat has not done.

Pat Callinan also drives an extremely modified competition Suzuki 4WD on the public roads - which is also very illegal. Again he will tell you it is engineered, but omits to tell you only partially. You see, many of the componants on this second 4WD are not legal at all. He also gives this 4WD to staff to drive occasionally.

I cant imagine why his staff are willing to drive such death machines at all

- perhaps they fear for their jobs if they do not abide by Pats rules.

I have taken Pat to task on these matters and he shrugs it of and tells me to get a life and stop whinging. I am not normally one to take offence but this attitide is one of disrespect for the law and one of "I can do what I like" syndrome - just beacuse of who I am.

I would be willing to speak to you about these matters, so let me know if you need more information.

Regards Simon.